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If you own a home in Chatham County, NC chances
are sooner or later you will need a ceiling contractor
for repair work or texture removal service.

Many People Spend Hours Of Time trying to do ceiling repairs
themselves only to find that after all their hard work the
repaired area simply doesn't look right or the way it should.

Drywall Is A Specialized Trade and to an experienced ceiling
contractor it isn't hard to do undetectable repairs however no matter
how many books you read or how many video's you watch the
average home owner in most cases are not thrilled to put it mildly
with the results they get when they try to do the repair themselves.

Pittsboro And Siler City residents should call Chatham Drywall a highly
skilled professional ceiling contractor that has preformed local repair
work for over 27 years. Check my reputation with any agency and my
excellent feedback on angineslist.com.

No Matter What Problem You Are  Having with your ceilings it can be
corrected and look great when friends, relatives and neighbors visit
your home in Chatham. Nail Pop, poorly finished drywall joints, loose
cracking metal corner bead or joint tape, holes, cracks, water damage
walls and ceilings can look like new again!

Your Home Is Most Likely Your Biggest Investment Don't cut corners
when the ceilings in your home need attention. Call a professional
drywall contractor, you will save time and money in the long run.

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We recently had a roof leak and called Jim's Drywall Repair out of Pittsboro to repair our water damage ceilings. Jim gave us an estimate and scheduled our job in for service. Our work was done in a reasonable period of time and for the price we had been quoted. This contractor did an outstanding job and left the work area cleaner than it was when he started! For the drywall repair and painting on our ceilings I easily give Jim an A+ and gladly recommend him to anyone that needs a drywall repair and painting contractor. Drywall Repair
5 / 5
Five Star Rating In Chatham County