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Jimmy came in and fixed a 10 year-old crack in my drywall ceiling by ripping out the poorly hung drywall, reattaching new drywall properly, securing the areas with reinforcement, mudding and finishing. Did a great job, and his warranty means a lot to me. Been struggling with this problem since the modular builder put my home together. Relieved it has been finally taken care of. His flexible schedule made it possible to have the job done within one week. Drywall Repair
5 / 5

Drywall Specialist - An expert in drywall repair and popcorn texture scraping and removal work. My Company Provides Local Service In Chatham County And All Surrounding Areas.

Textured popcorn ceilings have been out of style for years, however many older homes and some new ones still have this unsightly texture. 

Although removing a textured ceiling is not that difficult, it is a messy job that requires hard work and certain safety precautions.Hazard Potential - There are two potential problems that can turn removing a textured ceiling into a Do-It-Yourself nightmare: 

We Test Acoustic texture manufactured before 1980 to see if it contains asbestos before being removed. While it doesn't pose a health risk if left in place, removing a ceiling containing asbestos can stir up the fibers and cause them to become trapped in your lungs. More information about the dangers of Asbestos in Your Home can be found on the E P A website.

We Remove Painted Ceiling: Another potential problem that can make removing a popcorn ceiling much more difficult is if paint has been applied over the texture. This prevents the texture from absorbing water, which is necessary to loosen the material. While a painted textured ceiling can be removed, it usually requires the application of a chemical stripper to breakdown the paint barrier. 

We determine if either of these conditions applies to your ceiling, combine a few drops of liquid dish-washing soap with warm water in a hand sprayer. Lightly spray a small spot in an inconspicuous location, and wait a few minutes for it to absorb the water. If the water will not soak in, the ceiling has been painted. Otherwise, the texture should come off easily. 

We Obtain a sample of ceiling texture to test for asbestos - obtaining a sample of ceiling texture to test for asbestos.To test ceiling texture applied before 1980 for asbestos, use a putty knife to scrape a small amount into a sealed plastic bag. If you're concerned about the possible health risks involved in taking the sample, a testing service can be hired to come out and take it for you.At this point we send the sample to an approved testing service to see if it contains asbestos. 

We find a testing service in your area, contact the state environmental or health office. A directory of state offices can be found on the EPA website.If the material is found to contain over 1% asbestos then by law you can not remove it yourself and will need to contact a professional asbestos removal company or leave the ceiling as is. Even if it doesn't contain asbestos, it's important to wear an appropriate dust mask or respirator when removing the ceiling.

We Require That All Furniture Be Removed From The Room - We turn off the heating or cooling system and close any vents. Ceiling vents should be removed and covered with plastic.Turn off the power to the room and remove any ceiling lights or paddle fans.Cover wall outlets and switches with plastic, sealing them with painter's tape.

We cover the floor with plastic, extending it a foot up the wall and attaching it with painter's tape.Cover floor with plastic before spraying ceiling, and secure to walls with painter's tape Cover floor with plastic before spraying ceiling, and secure to walls with painter's tape.Run painter's tape on the wall around the ceiling along the walls and attach the 2-3 mil plastic sheeting to it, overlapping the plastic along the bottom of the wall.To assist in clean up, cover the floor with rosin paper, overlapping the sheets and taping them together.Running painter's tape around the walls next to the ceiling Run painter's tape around the walls next to the ceiling, and attach plastic sheets to it.

When Removing Ceiling Texture We Wear A Dust Mask or respirator and safety glasses, and keep the part of the ceiling you are working on damp to reduce dust.We spray textured ceiling with solution using a textured ceiling. If your ceiling wasn't painted, fill a pump up sprayer with warm water and add 2-3 tablespoons of dish-washing soap per gallon of water.Saturate a 4-6 foot square section of the ceiling with the solution. Wet it enough to loosen it, but not so much that it damages the drywall under the texture.

We wait 15-20 minutes for the solution to be absorbed by the texture material.Use a floor scraper, or other wide bladed tool, to gently scrape away the popcorn texture. Being careful not to gouge the drywall or tear the drywall joint tape.If the texture proves difficult to remove we spray it again, wait a few minutes, and try again.We use a putty knife to remove any residual material as well as to get into the corners.

Removing Or Scraping And Refinishing Popcorn Texture Is Not A Job That The Average Home Owner Should Attempt! Call Drywall Specialist Today - Your Ceilings Will Look Great When Friends, Relatives Or Neighbors Visit.

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