Popcorn Texture Removal Elimination Pittsboro Siler Chatham County NC

Popcorn texture developed and popular back in the early 1930's is no longer desirable and can literally lower the value of your home. Homes built before 1978 popcorn texture had asbestos now known to pose a health risk when exposed for long periods of time.

If you live in Pittsboro, Siler City, Chatham County or anywhre with in 30 miles of these locations, have popcorn texture on your ceilings that was applied after 1978 and would like it removed or eliminated call today. Estimates are free and no job it to small.

Popcorn Texture Removal Experts Pittsboro Siler City Chatham County NC

Popcorn Texture Removal - Pittsboro Siler Chatham NC

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